How To Use QR Codes in 2022 to Drive CPG Sales

Innovative CPG brands are using QR codes to drive direct sales. Learn how it works.

September 25, 2023

QR codes aid businesses that now depend on contactless exchanges. Not only do QR codes allow for contactless delivery and exchanges, but they also allow marketers to track analytics like who is buying their products and other important demographic information. 

Using QR codes on CPGs 

The number of QR code interactions grew 94% from 2018- 2020. Now more than ever, it’s crucial to start using QR codes in the CPG industry to drive sales. 

Understand QR Codes 

Before adding QR codes on everything, you must understand today's QR codes. The codes are more well known than ever due to the pandemic and virtually all phones reading QR natively, but consumers also expect more of these codes today. Simply redirecting a QR code scan to your website will not meet these expectations.

Use the Right Tools 

There are two categories of software you need to explore when considering QR codes for CPG. First, barcode software is used to generate the machine-readable code. Then, e-commerce tools help those in the e-commerce space add extra functionality to their process, like platforms that empower businesses to build dynamic digital experiences with things like QR codes. 

Adapt for the New Marketing Model

Putting QR codes directly on packaging, and backing the code with a connected products platform like Blue Bite, is a great way to engage shoppers. You can put marketing, loyalty programs, and FAQs all within the QR code.

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