How To Create QR Codes for Free

Here’s a step-by-step on how to create dynamic QR Codes for free with Blue Bite Connect, our powerful QR Code generator.

November 7, 2023

It’s easy to create QR Codes for your brand and connect with consumers.

Here’s a step-by-step on how to create dynamic QR Codes for free with Blue Bite Connect, our powerful QR Code generator.

1. Let’s Begin

To start designing your custom QR Code, head to

2. Enter the Destination URL

Decide what your designation URL will be, and enter it into the first box.

This is where consumers will go after they scan your QR Code. It can be a landing page, a social media profile, a contact form or anywhere else you want to lead your audience!

3. Name Your QR Code

Give your QR Code a name. You may want it to be related to the destination or purpose. This will help you quickly distinguish one Code from another as you add more, and make for easy editing.

4. Customize the Design

Design the appearance of the QR Code to fit your brand, including:

  • Color
  • Center of the QR code (Leave as-is or add a “SCAN ME” CTA to encourage engagement)
  • Body pattern shape
  • Eye frame shape
  • Eye ball shape

5. Create an Account

Fill out your name, company, email address and a password to create an account. This allows you to securely store, access and edit your QR Code at any time!

6. Verify Your Account

Check your inbox for a verification email. Click the button to confirm your account, and log in using the email address and password you just created.

7. Access the Blue Bite Dashboard

Once you verify your account, you will be directed to the Blue Bite Dashboard. This is where you will find all your QR Codes you make with Blue Bite.

This is also where you can download your QR Codes, as PNG or SVG files.

8. View Your QR Codes

Inside the Blue Bite Dashboard, you can preview the link destination for the QR Code you created.

Tip: You'll want to save this page for later because if you scroll down, this is where you'll get access to valuable insights about your QR code, including the number of scans and the location where those scans came from.

This will help you tailor your codes over time to be the most effective when connecting with your audience!

9. Create and Manage Up to 100 QR Codes

You’ve made your first QR Code — now you’re ready for even more.

Create and manage up to 100 Codes for free, all inside the Blue Bite Dashboard. It’s easy to make changes at any time and manage your Codes in one place.

View analytics to tailor consumers’ experience along the way, and make changes to any QR code at any time as needed.

10. Continue Your Connected Products Journey

Blue Bite Connect is just the start of your Connected Products journey.

Ready to discover how Blue Bite can support you on your connected products journey? With even more in-depth, item-level analytics and insights, the ability to integrate NFC and other connecting technology and more, see how to take your brand to the next level with connected products.


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