Deliver Rich, Dynamic Consumer Experiences with Unique Digital Product IDs

Unique Product IDs empower you to deliver personalized mobile experiences at scale.

September 25, 2023

Brands looking to connect with consumers need to cut through the digital noise. Using the latest technology is one of the key ways to make a lasting impression and give consumers what they want.

Companies can utilize technology like quick response (QR) codes, near-field communication (NFC) technology and radio-frequency identification (RFID) with their products to connect and engage with consumers. Many companies already use these technologies — however, after scanning, consumers are often sent to boring, static websites.

To stand out from competitors as innovative leaders, brands need to think outside the box and appeal to consumers on a personalized level. This means connecting with each consumer on a product-by-product basis with an approach personalized for them.

What if a brand could personalize with dynamic experiences not just for categories of products but individual items themselves? What if each product a consumer held in their hands launched a personalized experience designed just for them?

With unique Digital Product IDs like those powered by Blue Bite, brands can connect with consumers in a personalized way on an item-level basis that was never before available.

The Problems with Basic QR, NFC, AND RFID Technology

Standard QR, NFC and RFID technology typically link to a static page. The experience from consumer-to-consumer, and product-to-product, is often very similar  — if not exactly the same.

When scanning or tapping with a phone, it may launch:

  • A database entry with supply chain info
  • A boring, static landing page for consumers

It’s not a great experience for consumers — it falls flat in engaging them.

Brands typically implement QR, NFC and RFID technologies as they’ve been used in the past — launching static pages, social media profiles or an immobile infographic.

However, with Digital Product IDs, there are limitless options for engaging consumers with dynamic, personalized mobile experiences.

Blue Bite breaks the barriers of typical QR, NFC and RFID technology, going beyond a static landing page or website. Blue Bite empowers brands to stand out and provide dynamic, personalized mobile experiences to consumers based on the specific item they are scanning in combination with other contextual factors.

Why Unique Digital Product IDs Are the Future of Connectivity

Epsilon and GBH Insights

Creating Unforgettable Connective Experiences with Digital Product IDs

Here's an example: when a consumer scans a QR code on a tag from a pair of jeans, rather than being taken to a static page, they are immersed in a rich, dynamic experience personalized for them.

These engaging experiences can be personalized for each individual item, with factors like:

  • Time
  • Location
  • First- and zero-party consumer data
  • And more

With a Digital Product ID, when scanning or tapping for that same pair of jeans, a consumer is immersed in a personalized experience created just for them. It may have recommendations based on data they’ve provided, like the size they wear, the styles or colors they like, the city they’re living or shopping in, and more.

It’s great for secondhand markets, too, as it can show consumers an authenticity guarantee and more information about the specific product. See how eBay does this.

There’s no limit to how brands can personalize dynamic digital experiences on an item-level basis with Digital Product IDs.

How Brands Can Effectively Leverage Digital Product IDs

Digital IDs’ connecting technologies like QR, NFC, RFID link products to “the cloud” where they can be leveraged for:

  • Back-end systems, increasing supply chain efficiency
  • Dynamic experiences for consumers, with the product in hand

With Digital Product IDs like those powered by Blue Bite, brands are empowered with more, and better access to, track-and-trace data. This empowers them to make more informed decisions based on data and saves time while doing it — ultimately boosting the bottom line.

And brands can use this tech to access and share item-specific data throughout supply chains, transportation and more. It’s optimal for companies looking to be leaders in the supply chain with sustainability key performance indicators (KPIs), as consumers and brands both value this data.

With Digital Product IDs, companies are empowered to give consumers that personalization they desire for each item they hold in their hands — creating an unforgettable connective experience that keeps them coming back.


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