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LOUIS XIII is able to power product ownership, community building as well as consumer education on their latest collection, THE DROP, with Blue Bite Experiences.

February 14, 2023

NEW YORK, Feb. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The iconic LOUIS XIII cognac brand and Blue Bite, the leader in connected products technology, have collaborated to enhance the worldwide launch of THE DROP, an innovative connected product introduced by the House of Rémy Martin.

Designed to appeal to a new generation that values spontaneous experiences, THE DROP contains 1cl of the LOUIS XIII precious blend that has earned a reputation as one of the world's most prestigious brands. Available as a single bottle or as a 5-bottle collection, THE DROP can be purchased via the LOUIS XIII website and at luxury retailers and venues.

With THE DROP, LOUIS XIII encourages a new generation to Think a Century Ahead with modern, elegant, and bold experiences. Blue Bite's Connected Products Platform powers an immersive, personalized mobile experience to consumers via a QR code on each package. A scan of the code opens a direct, two-way communication channel that allows them to unlock and explore the LOUIS XIII universe, giving them access to an exclusive experience.

"A Blue Bite brand experience is limited only by one's imagination," says Melissa McDermott, Blue Bite's Director of Growth, Europe. "Our goal is to unlock the potential of products and brands by using connecting technologies that transform how consumers interact with them. In addition to providing compelling information at the point of sale, the dynamic experiences enable long-term consumer connections that generate multiple touchpoints throughout the product life cycle."

"THE DROP brings to life the LOUIS XIII vision to become a cultural icon for a new generation of digital natives who are always on the move, spontaneous, playful, multi-taskers and multi-sharers," says Jean-Philippe Hecquet, CEO of the House of Remy Martin. "Blue Bite supports our vision by introducing carefully curated exclusive experiences that help customers discover the full scope of THE DROP with activations that are personal and unique to each user."

Since 1874, LOUIS XIII Cognac is forever reborn from the precious eaux-de-vie of Cognac Grande Champagne, handed down through generations and artfully blended. Time is the raw material with which this rare spirit is crafted, its essence unwavering.

Guided by Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau, LOUIS XIII is the symbol of an enduring bond with Nature and Terroir, strengthened by the patina of age. Each drop is a living legacy, each decanter a celebration of visionary minds and human hands that shape the future by making a mark on tomorrow, today.

Think a century ahead.

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The world's leading connected products platform, Blue Bite empowers brands to open a new two-way, interactive digital communication channel with consumers through the simple scan of a QR code or NFC tag. The patented Blue Bite Experience Suite™ allows brands to create and deliver personalized mobile experiences at scale using an intuitive, brand-managed software platform. Blue Bite's dynamic and contextual ability to update content in real time throughout the product lifecycle delivers an unprecedented experience that builds consumer engagement and loyalty, uncovers actionable insights, accelerates sales, reduces churn, and provides product authentication and traceability. Founded in 2007, Blue Bite is a leading brand of Markem-Imaje®, a global product identification and traceability solutions leader.

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