Berkel Meat Slicers

Berkel Meat Slicers

Berkel is the brand behind the best quality meat slicers in the world. Their products are of the highest caliber and many models are made by hand in Italy. As with many luxury item brands, Berkel wanted to protect their slicers from being counterfeited, and so partnered with Blue Bite to embed NFC chips in their Volano model, a hand-crank prosciutto slicer.

Berkel created a two-part digital experience for the product. The first part of the experience was a product authentication and registration feature. Users could be sure of the authenticity of their product by tapping it with their smartphone. Following, users were encouraged to register their product; doing so granted users access to the second part of the experience and also extended their product warranty to 3 years, instead of the usual 1-year warranty that comes with each slicer. The registration step was important to Berkel because the brand could use the emails collected to later message users via email.

Once a user registered the product, they were taken to the second part of the experience which featured the history of the Volano slicer, showing various models over the decodes, as well as care instructions, customer service information and additional product recommendations.




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