The New Digital Content Strategy

Creating a digital content strategy that focuses on personalization is easier than you think.

February 26, 2021

The new digital content strategy meets consumers where they are with the resources they need, right when they need them.

New kinds of marketing and communication channels make this not only possible, but simple. A personalized approach to digital brand strategy cuts through the digital noise created by existing channels like social media and email.

What is Digital Content Strategy?

Content strategy, and particularly mobile content strategy, is often ill-defined. At Blue Bite, we think of content strategy the same way Kevin P. Nichols of SapientNitro does:

Personalization Made Easy

Content that adds value can be as simple as directions to the nearest store, what the weather will be today or when a prescription was last filled. Blue Bite incorporates contextual content like this into dynamic digital experiences, making them inherently personalized.

This contextual content is one way to create engaging experiences without the need for new content. Innovative brands are combining this with a combination of existing content, third party content, user generated content and more, eliminating the need to create brand new content for another channel.

Successful Digital Content Strategy Examples

Use Existing, Underperforming Content

  • Great content often goes under-recognized and under-engaged on social media and other platforms
  • Blue Bite cuts through the social media noise and delivers content directly to consumers 
  • Repurpose previously underperforming social media content into content consumers want to interact with

Repurpose Content to Increase Ecommerce Sales

  • Include links to other products and descriptions that allow consumers to find complementary products to purchase 
  • Remind consumers to reorder products

A Focused Approach

  • Take a quality versus quantity content approach and find more significant, long-term results that resonate 
  • Don't throw every asset you own into one constantly updated mobile experience, consumers are quickly overwhelmed in our world of constant content

Use Third Party Content to Build Consumer Trust

  • Leverage resources like Google Maps for directions, weather apps and more provide additional value
  • Provide a “you don’t have to take our word for it” reinforcement of quality with reviews from sites like Amazon and Yelp 
  • This is particularly important in-store, where 90% of consumers are using their phone to research potential purchases

Content is a Two-Way Street

  • Not all of the content has to come from your brand: what your users say is content, too
  • Feedback, surveys, contests and more are all ways for consumers to engage, essentially creating their own content
  • This empowers the audience and provides additional consumer data to the brand

Gamification of Existing Content

  • Blue Bite empowers gamification features that allow you to turn existing content into engaging gamification experiences 
  • This kind of interactivity is proven to keep consumers coming back
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