How Top Brands Are Repurposing their Facebook Budgets

As brands take a stand against Facebook and other social platforms, where are they moving those budgets?

September 25, 2023

There are some brands, and some consumers, that wish that Facebook would disappear. They at least hope the #StopHateforProfit boycott by over 1,000 brands significantly impacts the platform. 40% of consumers now pointedly support the boycotting brands.

In the first quarter of 2020, Facebook’s ad revenue was $17.44 billion. It remains to be seen how the boycott will impact Facebook in the long term, or how long brands will stick with it. 

Where Should the Money Go?

The Drum took a fun look at how this quarterly ad revenue could be repurposed away from Facebook, from sending rockets into space to wiping out hunger in Africa. 

In reality, brands will put the money they were spending at Facebook in a variety of other marketing and advertising initiatives. Patrick Johnson, chief executive and chairman of digital ad agency Hybrid Theory, thinks there are much better options than social media.

In fact, he says that social platforms “often provide little to no control over what [brand’s] advertising will appear next to."

"[Brands] will instead prioritize channels that give them control of the ad, its context and where they can carefully target the right audiences,” Johnson said.

Avoid the Facebook Noise with Blue Bite

Blue Bite gives brands the opportunity to completely control their messaging and carefully target the right audience by delivering personalized digital experiences directly to consumers.

We know that social media marketing — in both its organic and paid forms — are an important part of interacting with and engaging consumers, and will continue to be so. Blue Bite-powered experiences take direct interaction and engagement to the next level.

Blue Bite experiences are attached directly to physical things — whether it be products themselves, packaging, event space or anything else — using connecting technologies like NFC and QR. Consumers scan these technologies to launch the experiences on their phone. 

Because consumers are actively engaging and interacting with brands in this way, the content they see is not lost in the social media sea among content from friends, family and other brands. Instead, Blue Bite experiences are a personalized communication and direct sales channel brands use to engage consumers like never before. 


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