Blockchain Business Applications at Scale with VeChain and Blue Bite

Blockchain solutions for businesses are easy and scalable when you have the right infrastructure and interface.

November 11, 2020

While it’s easy to understand why securing items in the blockchain is so important, the process can still seem daunting to brands. VeChain and Blue Bite make the process simple and straightforward. 

VeChain Creates the Infrastructure

With VeChain’s extensive experience in the deployment of blockchain technology in real business scenarios, the one stop data BaaS platform VeChain ToolChain (TM) has become the market’s business-ready standard tool for blockchain integration and adoption. 

VeChain ToolChain (TM) is characterized by its high standardization, light cost and flexible payment in the market, and is easily implemented by businesses in every sector.

“With VeChain ToolChain (TM), any sized business, no matter how large or small, can utilize blockchain technology to further enhance brand perception and value as well as to expand into new business models using immutable data,” writes the company.

In other words, the blockchain provides a record of who did what to which assets related to the product, all with recorded time and location attributes. 

This infrastructure provides a platform to host the services described above and more, including “product lifecycle management, supply chain process control, data deposit, data certification, and process certification.”

Blue Bite Creates the Interface

With VeChain as the infrastructure, Blue Bite becomes the simple-to-use interface for brands, consumers and any other invested parties to access the secure ledger created by  blockchain at any step along the way.

Making Blockchain Access Simple

Blue Bite transforms products into digital platforms using connecting technologies. This often takes the form of NFC tags embedded into products that consumers access by scanning the tags with their phones. Other connecting points may be RFID tags accessible by specific readers throughout the supply chain.

This digital platform becomes even more powerful when it also serves to connect to the blockchain. Any party that needs to access the record (either to view or to edit) can do so simply by scanning the connecting technology.

The secure infrastructure of the blockchain has never been so easily accessible.

Easy to Implement, Easy to Scale

Because the BaaS is your blockchain infrastructure layer, proof of concept now happens with little-to-no lead time and is built to scale, even for the enterprise.

A Trusted Data Example

A shoe company is expanding its sustainability initiatives by creating a certificate verifying that each product in a new shoe line is made of 100% recycled materials. 

During the manufacturing phase, the recycled source materials for the shoe can be entered directly into the blockchain ledger using the digital interface, and can be verified with a certificate. This certificate is also recorded on VeChain’s Thor Blockchain infrastructure.

This is all accessible by the consumer through an NFC tag embedded into the tongue of the shoe. By tapping the tag with a phone, the Blue Bite-powered digital experience provides the consumer access to view the secure record with the certificate. This provides peace of mind that their shoes are indeed made of 100% recycled materials. 

It’s data they can trust.

Going further to add even more value, the brand can use this same digital experience to add additional information about the shoes, including where they can be recycled at the end of their product life. This brings the sustainability efforts full circle and helps the brand on their way to participating in the circular economy.

When combining the straightforward and powerful infrastructure created by VeChain with the easily accessible interface of Blue Bite, brands see the advantages of blockchain easier than ever before. 


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