Provide Coronavirus Updates with Blue Bite Experiences

Brands using Blue Bite can easily add a banner to existing experiences to inform consumers of COVID-19 response. This resource shows you how.

March 17, 2020

With the World Health Organization declaring COVID-19—the viral disease caused by the novel coronavirus—a pandemic, dissemination of factual information is more important than ever.

At Blue Bite, it is our mission to improve lives by connecting people with information through the physical world. In this time of misinformation and social distancing, we want to ensure our customers are able to leverage our platform and their existing smart products to disseminate factual information to help people stay safe, and to make it easy for people to get involved and help those around them.

The guide below lets you know how to easily add a component to existing experiences that conveys coronavirus-related information to consumers, and enables them to participate in brand-sponsored or other organized relief efforts.

Providing these instructions are part of our own effort to mitigate the negative impacts of this extraordinary circumstance, and we hope this helps your efforts to quickly and efficiently spread important information during these times.

Inform Consumers of Your Response to COVID-19 through Your Embedded Experiences

Ensure consumers get the correct information straight from your brand or the appropriate official organization. You may want to add this new section to the top of all your experiences. 

1. Create a banner with a clear CTA.

See examples below, and feel free to download and use either or both for your own experience.   


2. Determine the best source for your company’s updates and initiatives.

For real-time information and updates, this may be your brand website or any of the following organizations:

To enable consumers to donate to organizations helping those who are most impacted:

3. Add the banner with the associated link to your experiences.  

The image below shows where to do this in the Blue Bite Studio.

4. Save your experience.

If you have questions or need additional help adding this to your experience(s), please reach out to our Customer Success team at and we'll be glad to assist.


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